I was born to cook and I just didn't always know it. Everyone in my family loves to cook. Some family members prefer to use the same tattered cook books every time they prepare a family favorite. On the other hand, there are those who cook using pure natural instincts and what ever is on hand. Either way I cannot recall any family member who is not passionate about food! My family was the fire that ignited the passion I have for Culinary Arts. However, I did not always feel warm and fuzzy about cooking.

I began cooking when I was sixteen years old at a small restaurant in Andover Maine. It was basic American Pub, grill and fried
food facility. Exciting right? This was as exciting to me as watching my mother paint our walls when I was a child; dull and boring. I remembered thinking if this is the career that I pursuing then I will be sadly disappointed in life. It was not until I witnessed a Vegetarian Cooking show when I was about twenty years old that the world of culinary arts opened up for me. First I learned about layering spices and textures, and right at that moment, I was instantly intrigued. I began experimenting with different foods and then began to dabble in pastry and cake making. Once I started, I could not stop, and although I was working in a corporate office I knew my heart belonged to cooking.

At the urging of a friend and vacation home owner, I reluctantly put together a menu to be offered to rental guests. I was so nervous and worried about what people would say about my cooking style, but ten years later I am a full time private chef and wedding planner, and this was the best decision I have ever made. I am a proud self-taught Private Chef, and through constant trials of different culinary styles, I have perfected unique dishes. Now, I am very passionate about what I do and I love customizing menus to obtain clients goals and expectations.  Through constant perfection of dishes and innovative cooking practices, I am able to bring the best meals and meal presentation to every table I have the pleasure of serving!

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